Arctic Quest – Insanity (Unbroken Mix) [Free Download]

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Insanity (Unbroken Mix)

Insanity (Unbroken Mix) download

Arctic Quest

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I promised you a new FREE downloadable track to celebrate reaching 10K Fans on http://www.facebook.com/djarcticquest so I proudly give to you “Insanity”. Download link: http://arctic-quest.com/downloads/

The track I started working on after one week with terrible shootings and bombings all over the world. In the name of what? For me it is insanity.

People, we have much more in common, than what divides us.

You can use ‘Insanity’ online (in your video’s ie.) without worrying about legal issues. Only condition is you add a link to http://arctic-quest.com and “Arctic Quest – Insanity”.

If you want to use my music commercially, please contact licensing@expeditionmusic.com

Arctic Quest Insanity


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