If You Find Me

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If You Find Me

If You Find Me none

Arctic Quest

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Instant trance classics only come by once in a while these days. It’s uplifting & breathtaking melody, emotional break, deep bass layers and epic drop provide you with your dose of pure euphoria for years to come.

Arctic Quest: “After a sabbatical period, I’d been producing for 2 years again but all trance I produced sounded cheesy, predictable and poorly mixed. My music lacked harmony, and so was I personally. Out of the blue, a friend send me a link to Bobina’s Invisible Touch in Aly & Fila’s remix. That is how trance came back to me, by their invisible touch. A big thank you to Bobina, Aly & Fila. If you find me is among my personal favorite tunes now, together with Glaze and a future pounding trance banger yet to be released.”

Arctic Quest If You Find Me Mystica

Release: MAR007-D

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